Israel Alex Brito

I am a master’s level mental health counselor licensed in the state of Michigan as a master’s level psychologist (LLP license) and a masters level Counselor (LPC license). I am bilingual, fluent in both Spanish and English. I have been practicing for over 3 years in the non-profit sector. I am an active member of Esperanza Covenant Church, and a proud and active member of the Westside of Grand Rapids. On a more personal note: I have a heart for helping people and walking alongside them in their journey towards healing and well-being. I have worked with youth for over 10 years both in the United States and Dominican Republic and worked over 5 years with families that struggle with addiction and trauma. Through these experiences I have developed a passion for empowering others and helping develop healthy individuals. I personally see counseling as a relational journey where the person can find transformation. I hope to create transformational opportunities through the counseling process. I am a husband, father and a friend. I love music, traveling and eating and cooking a wide variety of foods. I have also been through my own set of pain and difficult experience that has shaped my desire to be a counselor. I have been in the other side of the chair, and have experience healing and hope through the counseling process. I hope to help you find healing, from the comfort of your safe space.