TahLeekah Partee-Young is a licensed clinical social worker. TahLeekah's journey began in 2006, while employed at a one of the largest mental health service organizations in Michigan. While serving in a different capacity, frequent interactions with clients cultivated a new calling. TahLee enrolled in Western Michigan University to pursue her Master's Degree in Social Work the following year. In hindsight, TahLee could clearly recognize her unique gift of engaging with people, early on. Providing encouragement, holding stories in confidence, and providing comfort and validation to others have always been inherent. Heal-Encourage-Motivate (HEM) LLC is a reflection of this revelation. TahLee has been in the field as both a generalist and substance abuse counselor for approximately 12 years. She worked in many outpatient settings, facilitating groups, administering assessments and practicing individual therapy. Client populations range from adolescents to adults with chronic mental health and social issues. TahLee (as she likes to be called) is currently interested in working with individuals who seek treatment for the following: -Adults -Anxiety -Depression -Codependence/boundary issues -Relationship difficulties -Major phase of life changes that disrupt normal levels of functioning -Young Adults/Spouses/Parents of those with alcohol or substance use issues.