Tatiana Richardson

Tatiana is a licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing in the State of Michigan. She strives to provide a safe and inviting space that allows for you to feel empowered to embark on your personal healing journey. She truly believes that no matter your current circumstances, you have the ability to overcome with the proper dedication, support, and commitment to healing. Tatiana is dedicated to serving you through every phase of the therapeutic process. It is Tatiana’s goal to meet you where you are, help to heighten your self-awareness, face your vulnerabilities, and discover your resiliency, so that you overcome any internal barriers that are limiting you from showing up exactly how you envision yourself. She is committed to creating a nurturing environment that allows for fragile topics, challenging discussions, and supportive interactions to occur. Tatiana’s practice will always strive to embrace diversity and inclusion, so that all feel respected, heard, and empowered to reach their highest potential. Tatiana graduated from Michigan State University with a master’s degree in clinical social work and a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Her area of specialty is working with at risk populations, minorities, and adults with a variety of presenting issues, including trauma, mood disorders, and adjustment problems.