Step 1: Click on the “BIPOC Wellness Providers” button in the menu on the homepage

Step 2. Click on Add Listing

Step 3: Select between multiple categories that relate to your identity. This is how our directory makes it easier for target clients in your community to find you!

Step 4.: Select our annual subscription to become an official member of MHCOCGR. Click next.

Step 5. Fill out the form in its entirety to share more information about who you are and your services. Click next.

Step 6. Insert images you would like to be on your profile account. Then click next.

Step 7. You should now see a screen that will prompt you to create a username and email. Please complete these fields and write it down somewhere for you to access it in the future.

Step 8. Click the continue to payment button

Step 9. Here you will see a screen that looks like the following screenshot immediately below:

Step 10. Here you will be allowed to pay via your paypal account, or as a guest via paypal. You will be able to pay directly from paypal or via a credit/debit card of your choice.

Step 11. Select the paypal option and the click the pay now option on the bottom right.

Step 12. Next please fill in the information being prompted by Paypal and your annual subscription with MHCOCGR will be active!

No. Mental Health and physical health are not separate from each other. Therefore, if you are a BIPOC ( Black, Indigenous, Person of Color) Doctor, Nurse, Speech Pathologist, Holistic Doctor, or a wellness profession and we can verify your license, you may be listed. 

Yes. “Racial match, or concordance, has been described as one element of culturally responsive care and a potential factor in reducing mental health disparities for *BIPOC. Racial/ethnic match occurs when mental health clients and providers share the same race or ethnicity. In a counseling situation, therapist ethnicity may be one of the most important features to which clients first attend. Ward (2005)”(article attached below) 

This directory was created so that BIPOC communities in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas would have easy access to providers that share their same race or ethnicity.

Research articles:

  1. https://ct.counseling.org/2020/07/black-mental-health-matters/

2. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4228688/3. https://www.mhanational.org/bipoc-mental-health

Please allow 24 hours for your professional license and profile to be verified. Also, please make sure to monitor your emails while awaiting approval. If we have any concerns, we will contact you at the email address provided.

First, click on the category that interests you. Then, click on the clinician/professional and carefully read their profile. Next, contact them directly. We suggest having a list of several and requesting a 10–20 minute virtual or telephone consultation to see if that clinician/professional will be a good fit. **Please note that (some) professions may not offer consultations.**

We are growing continuously. We suggest that you check back often or even seek services from a clinician, not in the Grand Rapids area, but who is in Michigan for tele-therapy services.

Please email us at contact@mhcocgr.org. We are happy to consider potential partnerships!

If you are interested in partnering with a clinician or professional listed, please contact them directly from the MHCOCGR website underneath the tab: “BIPOC Wellness Providers”.

If you are interested in having an event or opportunity posted in our private group for BIPOC clinicians, please follow these guidelines: 

  • Please, clearly articulate what you are seeking to be easily copied and pasted in the post. 
  • Email us your flyer or event link.
  • Please, include your contact information.
  • PLEASE NOTE: To ensure that all professionals are compensated for their time and expertise, please consider and share the rate of pay when planning/contacting us about sharing your event. If your event is unable to compensate the clinician, it will be still be posted, however, please, note that this is a SERIOUS issue that many mental health clinicians are faced with.

Yes, you can be a BIPOC Licensed Wellness Professional who practices from ANY city in Michigan. However, if you are not from Grand Rapids, you must offer tele-health (virtual appointments)